& Beyond
Wild Nature and Yoga Gathering
September 8th -12th 2021

& Beyond is an intimate gathering taking place in the wild landscape of Hardwick Estate in Oxfordshire, on the banks of the River Thames.

Kundalini Yoga morning practice and transformational workshops, gong baths, woodland walks, forest bathing, kirtan, sacred movement, chanting, poetry, singing, wild swimming, meditations with ancient oaks, love-infused plant based Ayurvedic food. The experience of rest, rebalancing in a magical setting and deep remembrance of true self beyond..

We will be eating fresh, organic, locally harvested plant based meals  lovingly prepared according to Ayurvedic principals by Karen of Plant Based Pirate. Our gorgeous fruit and veg will come from Tollhurst Organic farm who use stock free farming to produce the lowest possible carbon footprint, cruelty free food. Their work is truely inspiring and aligned with our ethos of  re-connecting with nature and re-aligning with mother nature to live in more harmony.