Daily wild swimming

We are blessed to have a clean and pure section of the Thames on our doorstep. Listed as one of the best wild swimming spots in UK.

Morning yoga & live music

Morning yoga accompanied by live musicians will help us connect to the natural state of our body/mind…relaxed awareness, presence, peace. Expect embodied movement, kundalini kriyas & breathwork.

Tree meditation

This is a great opportunity to learn effective methods of meditation with the help of the embodied stillness and living wisdom of the trees which are our traditional and powerful supporters.

Forest bathing

The Art of Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) is a therapuetic technique of immersing oneself in nature to decompress from the stresses of modern living and rediscover the true self.

3 × Ayurvedic meals/day

All our food is organic and locally sourced and lovingly prepared with your health and satisfaction in mind. We are so lucky to be surrounded by passionate and ethical growers!

Ground rent

Accommodation is provided on a secluded camping field next to the shores of the river. We have an option to rent tents which you can add before you checkout. Tents for rent are limited.

Enlightening Workshops

in the stunning location with experienced teachers will allow to breath new life into our essence of being, embody the knowledge and create a lasting connection to a sense of inner contentment.


We are so lucky to have Brian and Madeline with us who are deeply talented musicians. They will lead a heart opening collective performance of musical conversation and devotional chanting.

Story Telling / Poetry
Group Singing, world music Open Mic to get to know and tune in to each other. There will be opportunity to share your talents and with a group and co create if you feel inspired to in a moment.

Live Music
Sacred sound round the campfire will be heart-warming songs about nature, green futures and what it is to be human, lead by specially invited renowned musicians.

Ayurvedic Assessment
Personal Ayurvedic Assessment of your constitution will be offered. Understanding of your own nature provides enhanced tool set for self healing and wellbeing.

Fire Ceremony

Experience the ancient ceremony to deepen the connection to nature, feeling of unity to overcome your fears, break through internal barriers and discover your personal power – experience your change!

Boat Rides

We will have few boats, paddle boards & kayaks available at our camp side throughout the gathering for you to enjoy the river Thames rides

Massage (cost)

There will be professional therapist on site offering massage and deeply healing bodywork. This will be offered at a reduced rate but is not included in the package price.

Kinesiology (cost)
Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to find imbalances in the body and find what is needed to re-balance, whether that be on a physical, emotional or energetic level.