Wild swimming & Pranayam
Every morning

We are blessed to have a clean and pure section of the Thames on our doorstep. Listed as one of the best wild swimming spots in UK. We will wake up with this cleansing & invigorating practice daily.

On one morning perform an offering ceremony to Isis, Goddess of the Thames (before diving in!).

Ayurdvedic meals

All our food is organic and locally sourced and lovingly prepared with your health and satisfaction in mind. We are so lucky to be surrounded by passionate and ethical growers!

Morning yoga 

Morning yoga will help us connect to the natural state of our body/mind…relaxed awareness, presence, peace. Expect embodied movement, Kundalini Yoga kriyas, pranayama breathwork, energy work, meditation.

Kirtans, storytelling and open mics

Sacred songs around the camp fire, storytelling and your space to contribute. Find us round the fire every night. 


Opening our space, welcoming our weekend warriors and closing the space; we hold space for a shared experience of deep immersion into nature

Chants, Games & Sacred Songs Wednesday PM 

Cnnecting and relaxing into our new environment with some chants and songs from around the world 

Forest Bathing
Thursday AM 

Walk into the welcome green of the forest, and into the vital embrace of the divine life force with the Japanese art of forest bathing. 

Ayurvedic Cookery
Thursday PM 

Uncover the wisdom of this intuitive and ancient elemental approach to eating that is unique to you.  Engage with the sensuous meditation of food preparation and then eat what you learn! 

Yoga For Your Nature
Friday AM 

Move past the one-size-fits-all yoga culture. Try different styles and techniques to experience for yourself the powerful effects a personalised yoga practice can have.

Elements of Life
Friday PM 

A visceral workshop through movement, Kundalini Yoga and meditation. To connect and celebrate the elements which sustain and hold us, both around us and within us. . . .
on the land, the river, the forest, in
in the breeze and in the fire of life.

Tree Meditations
Saturday AM 

The trees on the festival site are magical. Sitting in guided meditation, we will learn how to commune with these great spirits and tap into their ancient and universal wisdom. Followed by..

The Underworld Tree Journey
The Underworld was always the source of individual power, sovereignty, revelation, divination, yet we often shy away from it seeing it as taboo. In this guided meditation, we’ll explore the land of the Midnight Sun.

Liminal Yoga
Saturday PM 

Yoga was never meant as a mere “wellbeing” tool, but rather was a method to blow your mind! Liminal yoga is about getting back to this essence of spirituality, free from dogma. We’ll use kundalini and tantric yoga along with European esoteric and modern practices in order to deep dive into the space between waking and sleep in the spirit of exploration and illumination.

Fire ceremony, dancing & gong
Saturday evening

Working with the power of fire, movement and sound to create a lasting and deep inner shift of consciousness and into pure joy.

Sacred Sound & Gong Bath, Yoga & Chant
Sunday PM 

For this finale workshop we will first open the subtle channels of our bodies with a gentle yoga kriya & immerse ourselves in a bath of healing instruments & the most precious of sound healing tools, our own voices.


By purchasing a ticket or attending the event you agree to the following terms and conditions.


By attending the event you agree to take full and sole responsibility for any liability of Loss, damage or injury to yourself or your personal property associated with the And Beyond event.


During the AndBeyond event, you agree to
  • Take care of yourself by following the appropriate government guidance on measures such as hand washing etc.
  • Take care of your personal items and yoga props, maintaining the cleanliness of my equipment by washing them, in-between classes.
  • Follow the protocols and safety measures set out by the And Beyond for attending in-person events
  • Not attend any class or event I have booked, should I be displaying any symptoms or have knowingly been in contact with anyone who is symptomatic.
  • Inform the And Beyond should I develop symptoms following attendance at an in-person class or event.
    Only come if you do not have someone vulnerable in your household or social bubble (the group of people with whom you have close physical contact)
  • Only come if you do not have someone who is isolating in your household or social bubble
  • Please bring your own plates and eating utensils for foodservice
  • Please ensure that you are at least 2m in every direction away from any other tent or live-in vehicle. If in doubt please ask the campsite stewards.
  • There will be plenty of hand-washing facilities
  • Any adult with children is responsible for their own children including ensuring adequate social distancing and that they regularly wash their hands.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to

  • Having your photo taken unless you specifically request not to. If so please email us at in advance of the event
  • Allow us to use your photo for promo purposes such as publicising the next event, in our digital galleries, printed material and social media
  • Give permission for the And Beyond to take photographs of children under 16 to use in our publicity. You can ask to see a copy of images we hold of your child(ren), or ask for them to be deleted, at any time by emailing us

You have the right to ask us to remove any photo from any platform that you do not want publicly featured. Please email us at

We will not share any images with third parties.

If the regulations surrounding Covid-19 deviate from the current government predictions and do not allow us to go ahead with the event as planned, we will postpone the event and reschedule it for a time that is appropriate. In this instance, all tickets will be transferable. If the option to retain your ticket until the event is rescheduled is not preferable for you, just let us know within 14 days of us announcing a postponement, and will refund you 100% of the ticket amount.

Under normal circumstances, if we are continuing with the event as planned but you decide to cancel for any reason, we will refund 50% of the cost of your ticket.

Under normal circumstances, in the unlikely instance, we have to cancel the event for any reason other than COVID-19 restrictions, we will refund 93% of the cost of the ticket to you.

We do this to cover any administration and infrastructure costs we have incurred in preparation for the event.

If you are unhappy with these terms let us know within 48 hours of buying your ticket and we will cancel your purchase and the full cost will be returned to you

Please reach out if you have any questions.

This is an alcohol-free event taking place entirely outdoors. 



Hardwick Campsite, Hardwick Rd, Reading, RG8 7RD


The RG8 7RA postcode will get you most of the way.

Follow the postcode through the big black gates signposted Hardwick Estate. Continue along the drive, and take your first right after the horse paddocks, signposted for Real Tennis Court and Market Garden. Follow the road down and round to the left, until you reach the end. The entrance to the camping field will be through the gate on your right. Enter the field and park at the top alongside the fence. There will be someone to welcome you from 5pm on Friday.


Pangbourne train station is about a 35 minute walk away and only 40 minutes from Paddington/8 minutes from Reading. Please join the WhatsApp group to sort out taxi shares from the station.


Camping is on a secluded grassy field next to the shores of the river with composting toilets and fresh water.

Tents available to rent if you can not bring your own.


  • sun-warmed refillable shower bags outdoors for rinsing off after wild swimming or to freshen up
    we ask no soaps please, so we can keep the land chemical-free
  • comfortable clean compost toilets that serve the site all year round
  • fresh running water for drinking and cleaning on tap


  • Tent or you can rent one!
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Lots of blankets
  • Pillows
  • Socks 
  • Light for inside your tent 


  • Plate
  • Bowl 
  • Cup 
  • Cutlery 


  • Yoga Mat 
  • Warm clothes for yoga in the morning, layers 
  • Blanket & Socks for relaxation 


  • Walking boots/Wellington boots 
  • Rain coat, water proof trousers 
  • Hat & scarf for the evening 
  • Warm PJ’s 
  • torch/head torch 

Open Mic

A song, a poem, a story